Jack Chain

A jack chain is a type of chain that is constructed of thin wire and has links that are formed in the shape of an eight. It comes in a range of diameters, lengths, and load capacities. The jack chain may be produced either as a single or double jack chain. So, there are two types … Read more

Best Machine Design Books

Machine design is an interesting subject. However, there is some confusion when it comes to finding resources and learning materials. If you’re a newbie with no prior knowledge, it’s difficult for you to decide what are the best book, and standards.  Because, as a newcomer with no prior knowledge, determining the best book and standards … Read more

Conveyor Systems: Types and Elements

Conveying means transporting something from one place to another. In mechanical engineering design, there are few types of systems that use transporting materials from one place to another.   Conveyor systems are the type of mechanical systems that allows materials to transport from one place to another. Chute conveyor, wheel conveyor, roller conveyor, and screw conveyor … Read more

Split Rings

There are two different definitions for split rings. The first one states that the split ring is a metal coil ring that is formed by pressing two complete turns of a helix together. The second one states that it’s a metal ring that has a gap in it. The two definitions bring us confusion. However, … Read more

Slider-crank Mechanism and Types

Slider-crank mechanism is linkage four bar link mechanism that use in certain type of engines, pumps and some other engineering mechanisms. This is one of the important mechanism in machine dynamics. The function of a slider crank mechanism The main function of a slider crank mechanism is conversion of rotational motion into linear motion. The … Read more