Jack Chain

Jack Chain

A jack chain is a type of chain constructed of thin wire and has links formed in the shape of an eight. And they are available in a variety of metals, including brass, bronze, and stainless steel. 

Jack chains come in a range of diameters, lengths, and load capacities. 

Jack chains are produced as a single or double. So, there are two types of jack chains available on the market: ‘Single Jack Chain’ and the ‘Double Jack Chain’.

#1 Single Jack Chain

Single Jack Chain

Single Jack chain is made of weldless links bent in a figure-eight pattern to form a loop. Thin wires are used, so it’s lightweight and increases the ease of use. Plus, it’s available in a variety of sizes. So, a single jack chain is suitable for many engineering applications. 

#2 Double Jack Chain

Double Jack Chain

As its name suggests, the Double Jack chain is made of two strands of wire twisted together to form a chain. Unlike the Single Jack chain, which is made up of just one strand of wire, the Double Jack chain is much stronger and can be used for various applications.


Jack chains are typically made with metals such as steel, plain carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, silver, and gold. But, in some cases, plastic types such as HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) are used to make jack chains.

Jack Chain vs Kinematic Chain

A kinematic chain is an assembly of links connected by joints, which allow relative motion between them. In other words, each link in the chain can move independently of the others. It makes kinematic chains ideal for applications requiring precise positionings, such as robotics or machine tooling. 

A jack chain, on the other hand, is a type of chain constructed of thin wire and has links formed in the shape of an eight. Jack chains are typically used for light-duty applications, such as suspending signs or lighting fixtures.

Applications of Jack Chain

Jack chains have a variety of uses and are one of the most versatile and affordable types of chains on the market. They can be used to support light fixtures and ceiling fans, secure doors and gates, and hang lights, boards, artwork, and signage.

One of the most common uses for jack chains is to support light fixtures. The chain can be looped around the item to be hung and then secured to a support. It is an economical and adjustable solution appropriate for a wide range of linear and high bay fixtures.

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