Split Rings

Split Rings

There are two different definitions for split rings. The first one states that the split ring is a metal coil ring that is formed by pressing two complete turns of a helix together. The second one states that it’s a metal ring that has a gap in it.

Formed by pressing two complete turns of a helix together

Formed with a gap

The two definitions bring us confusion. However, in most cases, we refer to the rings that have a gap on them as jump rings or open rings. And the ones that have pressed two complete turns of a helix coil together are called split rings.

However, in some mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing industries, split rings are the ones that have the gap. And it seems like people have messed this up just like they commonly refer “lead pencils” to the “graphite pencils”.

A split ring in a DC machine is a type of commutator which is a ring with multiple splits.

Standard Sizes of Split Rings

Split Ring SizeDiameter (inches)Diameter (mm)

Applications of Split Rings

  1. The most popular application of split ring is holding keys.
  2. When making fishing lure/ hook, a strong, heavy duty split ring is important. Otherwise, the fish would run away with the lure.
  3. They are commonly used in the jewellery industry to make jewellery with extra safety from breaking into pieces.

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