Safety Glasses For Laser Engraving

Safety Glasses For Laser Engraving

In general, you should always use proper safety gear when working with lasers. Including eye protection that is specifically designed to block out the harmful light that the laser emits.

Some Chinese Laser Engravers come with glasses, but it is important to note that these are often inadequate protection. They may do more harm than good as they can allow harmful light through.

When choosing safety gear, it is important to ensure that it will protect you from the laser light. A good way to ensure this is by looking for products that have been specifically designed for use with lasers.

Different types of lasers require different types of protective eyewear. Carbon dioxide lasers, for example, require clear glasses, while Yag lasers require orange glasses. The laser you use will dictate the appropriate type of safety gear to wear.

Safety Glass Selection Checklist For Laser Engraving

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We can use various safety glasses for laser engraving, but it is important to select the right pair for the job. Here is a checklist of factors to consider when making your selection:

Type of laser being used

The type of laser being used will determine the wavelength of light emitted. CO2 lasers emit light with a wavelength of 10.6 microns, while Nd: YAG lasers typically emit light with 1064 nanometers. Diode lasers have a wider range of wavelengths, from 810 to 1064 nanometers.

Wavelength of Laser Beam

The wavelength determines the energy in the beam and how it will interact with materials. Materials will absorb or reflect different amounts of energy depending on the wavelength.

Power output

The power output indicates the energy in the laser beam at any given time. A higher power output means there is more potential for harm if proper safety precautions are not taken.

Duration and frequency of exposure

How often and long someone is exposed to the laser beam will also affect their safety. Repeated exposure or prolonged exposure can increase the risk of damage.

EN 207:2009 LB-rating

When choosing safety goggles for laser engraving, it is important to consider LB-rating. This rating indicates the level of protection the goggles provide against a specific type of laser.

For example, 700-760 D LB5 indicates that the goggles will protect against continuous wave lasers with a wavelength of 700-760 nm and a pulse length greater than 0.25 seconds. The five indicates that the protection level is 5.

Frametypes of Laser Safety Glasses


Wraparound Frame - Laser Safety Glass

Wraparound frames are the most popular style of laser safety glasses. They provide a wide field of view and sit close to the face, making them ideal for use in high-risk environments. Plus, they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Goggles Frame - Laser Safety Glass

Goggles or masks use a head strap and padding to ensure maximum comfort, and they effectively block out all light waves that could also come outside the glass. It makes them the safest option for people regularly exposed to lasers.

Over Spectacles

Over Spectacles Frame - Laser Safety Glass

Over spectacle frames are designed to accommodate prescription glasses underneath. This style allows for most prescription frames without obscuring the field of view. The main benefit of this style is that it allows people who need to wear prescription lenses to also use laser safety glasses without having to choose between the two.

However, one downside is that over spectacles can be more difficult to keep in place on your face compared to other types of frames.

Patient Protection, IPL

Patient Protection, IPL Frame - Laser Safety Glass

Patient protection frames are designed to protect patients from the harmful effects of lasers and other bright light treatments. These lightweight and comfortable frames block out deep UV rays and filter out excess light, making them ideal for medical and cosmetic applications.

Can sunglasses be used as safety glasses for laser engraving?

No, regular sunglasses cannot be used as safety glasses for laser engraving because they do not provide the necessary protection against lasers. The safety glasses designed for laser engraving are made to block certain laser wavelengths, which regular sunglasses do not provide.

Some may argue that some sunglass has UV protection, but that’s not enough. To protect from lasers, you need higher filtering levels.

Best Safety Glasses for Laser Engraving

Hope you got a better understanding by reading the above information. Here we will introduce some of the best safety glasses you can use for laser engraving.

#1 FreeMascot Laser Safety Glasses

The FreeMascot Laser Safety Glasses are a top-quality product that offers excellent protection from the harmful effects of lasers. The glasses are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced filters that absorb laser light effectively. They also come in various frame styles to suit your individual needs, and each pair comes with its storage case and cleaning cloth.

#2 Phillips Co2/Excimer – Model OTG | Best for CO2 Laser

The Co2/Excimer Filter is a laser safety lens made of a white CO2 Polycarbonate filter. The OTG fit-over is designed to be comfortable and lightweight and durable. This frame features adjustable temple bars to ensure a perfect fit for anyone.

Additionally, the Co2/Excimer Filter provides great protection against harmful lasers with an OD>5+ from 190-370nm and an OD>6+ from 10600nm. With a VLT of 82%, this lens will help you stay safe while allowing you to see clearly.

#3 Lazerlenz Laser Safety Glasses

Lazerlenz is a brand of laser safety goggles designed to protect the eyes from damage during industrial and medical procedures using lasers. The eyewear comes in different designs to filter out particular wavelengths of light and includes Alexandrite, Diode, Nd Yag, Q-switched, Erbium, and CO2.

Unlike their regular ones, the premium series is the best. The only problem is that Lazerlenz glasses are among the more expensive brands available today (with some pairs costing upwards of $200).

Lazerlenz – CO2 Laser Safety Glass | Overall Best

The Lazerlenz CO2 Laser Safety Glass is the best pick for laser safety glasses. They block out laser wavelengths of 190-400 5 nm+, 1450-1650 2+ nm, 1650-1775 3+ nm, 1775-3000 4+ nm, 1980-2550 5+ nm, 5200-11000 5+ nm, 9000-10600 6+ nm. It makes them ideal for use with Erbium Yag, Halo 1470, and Erbium Glass 1550nm CO2 lasers.

Lazerlenz 190 – 534 nm and 850 – 1064 nm Model

This model protects your eyes from laser radiation with wavelengths of 190-534 nanometers (nm) and 850-1064 nm. These glasses are indicated for use during tattoo removal, vein removal, and pigmented lesion removal procedures. The glasses’ lenses absorb energy from visible and invisible infrared light, providing effective protection against harmful lasers.

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