Slider-crank Mechanism and Types

Slider-crank mechanism is linkage four bar link mechanism that use in certain type of engines, pumps and some other engineering mechanisms. This is one of the important mechanism in machine dynamics. The function of a slider crank mechanism The main function of a slider crank mechanism is conversion of rotational motion into linear motion. The … Read more

Image Sampling and Quantization – Digital Image Processing

In a camera, the sensor receives a two-dimensional, time-dependent, continuous distribution of light energy. As we know that the outputs of most of the sensors are continuous voltages, which are analog signals. So, to digitally process or store an image, we need to take a snapshot of that energy and convert it into a digital … Read more

Stresses in Machine Elements

When designing new machines, stress analysis is one of the major factors that design engineers consider. Otherwise, the machine is more likely to be fail. However, the most non-engineers, do not really care about calculations. And they design the product with higher assumed values. However, in the economical perspective, it’s not that effective. Simply, stress … Read more

Useful Equations for Shaft Design

Shaft Power Equation To calculate the power of a shaft, you need to multiply the torque of the shaft by it’s angular velocity. Average Shaft Power The average power is calculated by applying average values for the shaft power equation. Shaft Bending Stress The largest alternating and mean bending stresses are at the outside surface. … Read more

Signal Conditioning – Essential Guide

We’re dealing with signals in our day today lives. During the development of electronics and science we could find out that the analog signals can be transmitted and stored as binary numbers. And this type of signals were named as digital signals. Analog signals are the signals that exists in our natural environment. And it’s … Read more