Mass Flow Rate

Mass flow rate is the amount of mass flow in a unit of seconds. If a mass flows in t seconds, we can get the mass flow rate by dividing the mass by t seconds.

mass flow rate equation with mass and time

Most common formula

The above equation is not the most popular mass flow rate equation. When it comes to transferring mass, it’s probably about fluid or soil. In such cases, we don’t usually measure the mass. Instead of mass, it’s easier to measure the volume, and if we know the volume, we can use the density of the material to find the mass of materials. And then we use the mass to calculate the mass flow rate.

mass flow rate formula with volume density and time

Example Problem

Imagine that you want to build a conveyor that can transfer 4 liters of soil within 80 seconds. Determine the mass flow rate of the conveyor. (Density of the soil = 2000 kg/m3)