Split Nut

Compared to the standard nut, the split nut is easier to install. Moreover, it has a higher inherent strength. Split Nut is a type of nut that is split into two equal pieces so it can be put on a shaft or bolt without disassembling it. And it has a female thread that may be opened … Read more

Jack Chain

A jack chain is a type of chain that is constructed of thin wire and has links that are formed in the shape of an eight. It comes in a range of diameters, lengths, and load capacities. The jack chain may be produced either as a single or double jack chain. So, there are two types … Read more

Best Machine Design Books

Machine design is an interesting subject. However, there is some confusion when it comes to finding resources and learning materials. If you’re a newbie with no prior knowledge, it’s difficult for you to decide what are the best book, and standards.  Because, as a newcomer with no prior knowledge, determining the best book and standards … Read more

Silicon vs. Silicone – What’s the difference?

Silicone is a chemical element created by humans. Silicon, on the other hand, is a natural product.  Silicones are polymers that are composed of silicon, oxygen, and, in certain cases, carbon and hydrogen. Silicone materials can be found in different forms such as liquid, fluid, solid, or rubber. Silicon is an element represented by the … Read more

Kinematic Chain

Kinematic chain mechanism is used to transform motion. It consists assembly of links connected by movable joints, to form a closed kinematic chain by considering one link as the reference.

Complex Eigenvalues

The complex eigenvalues are eigenvalues that are involved with complex numbers. To understand the complex eigenvalues, you need to have a clear understanding of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Eigenvalue, Eigenvector and Eigenfuction The eigenvector of a square matrix is a vector that does not change its direction under associated linear transformation. If y V is a … Read more